Quality Yarns, Stunning Products

At first, my love of knitting & sewing was shared with family and close friends only. However, the more I learned and grew as an artisan, the more I couldn't resist the urge to share with a wider audience. When I opened shop, my first customers were old friends and acquaintances. I quickly realized how much I enjoyed weaving our lives back together one stitch at a time. As my business has grown, I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know so many new people. I am honored to share in such special events as births, birthdays, and holidays through my products.

Each and every product in my shop has been designed by me. I do not use patterns, purchased or free, written by others. I have several go to books with swatches of various knit & crochet stitch work that I often consult when sitting down to design. From there, my imagination takes over and before long I'm busy working out all the math. I take the time to design my products because they bear my name; they are a piece of me.

I am passionate about supporting local whenever possible. I am a fixture in my local yarn shop and enjoy bringing quality and unique yarns to my designs. I do supplement, on occasion, with big box store yarns but take pride in severely limiting their use.

I pour my heart into everything I do. From shopping for fabric & yarn, to designing, to stitching it out and shipping, my heart is omnipresent. I enjoy working closely with customers on special orders and go above and beyond to bring their vision to light and make the experience of working side by side on a handmade product enjoyable and rewarding for us both.

Please feel free to opt for anything in stock and ready to ship or send me a message to discuss your vision!

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